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Moving for good

I woke up this morning with barely anything to do but that wasn’t how the day panned out. This is the first time I have sat down in hours and I must say it feels pretty good. I want to get a couple things done online before I eat dinner and then I’m calling it a night. I am wiped out.

One thing I want to do after I’m done writing this is find out what I need to do to become a Singapore permanent resident. You would think I would know that already since I have been living here for years but it is something I never looked into. I moved here for my job and never left and can’t think of living anywhere else. I also want to look into a new cell phone. The one I have now is like three years old and I think the technology on the new ones is a lot better. My friend Clarence at lunch the other day was playing with his and I was amazed at just how much better the screen looked resolution wise compared to mine. I am eligible for an upgrade too so I just have to figure out which one I want.

As far as today goes it all started with a phone call from my friend Emily. She wanted to know if I could come over and help her hang up some shelves she bought for her office. As I already said I didn’t have any plans so I obliged. Well that was a mistake because I was over there forever. She had no kind of tools to do anything so we had to go out and buy what we needed. She also bought the wrong size shelve so we had to go back out to return that and get the right size. I should have left then but I guess I’m too nice of a person to do that.

When I left her place I decided I might as well stop for groceries since I was near the place I go to and there I ran into an old friend from work. He retired last year and we ended up going to lunch together. It was nice catching up with him as I haven’t seen him since his retirement party.

After lunch I went back and got my groceries and did some other errands and then came back home.